What’s in a Name?

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Deciding to rename the boat hasn’t been an easy decision…well, at least the designing part. There’s so many different font choices out there. If we land on a specific typeface, this locks the boat into a certain look and personality.  Ultimately, we wanted a font that was script, bold and legible from a distance.

Goodbye Wayfarer, Hello Alli Oop!

As far as the name, Alli Oop was almost an instant winner.  We like how the name is playful and has some personal affinities. In fact, Alli’s only stipulation to buying a boat, was that it must be named after her. No problem!

This was Alli’s nickname when growing up, “Alli Oop” or “Oop” for short. It’s playful, has three syllables in two words, and unique. It’s also a name that’s relatively easy to say over the VHF radio. SOLD! Imagine trying to hail a boat named “Hullabaloo for Two”. Wayfarer was a good name, but meant for someone else.

What's In A Name?

Old lettering and boat name, “Wayfarer”.

What's In A Name?

Similar “Wayfarer” blue with silver drop shadow.

Superstitious Much?

Is renaming a boat bad luck? Are there certain steps we should take when renaming as to appease the great Poseidon? Here’s what I found on renaming a boat and the taboo particulars:

What's In A Name?

‘Alli Oop’ lettering mocked up on transom.

  • Erasing and “Whiting Out”  of the old boat name must be completed anywhere it is written.
  • A speech to Neptune to rebuke the old name followed by another speech to accept the new name.
  • The offering of ‘libations’ or champagne dumped in the sea.
  • It’s bad luck to have the new name onboard before the ceremony is complete!

Hail Yes!

The other aspect which we’ve omitted so far was the need for a “Hailing Port” decal. The Hailing sticker is on almost every transient ship/boat to help identify their home port. It’s neat to see how far a ship’s traveled from home as well as identifying the ship in times of trouble.

For us, we’re not sure where to call home. Technically, we’re not always in the same place. The boat was purchased in Annapolis, MD. and we moved it after two months to Middle River, MD. Next spring we’re thinking of moving somewhere in southern New Jersey. And this is all before leaving entirely! Basically, we don’t have a proper place to call home. Home is where the anchor drops?

What's In A Name?

Where do we call home?



What's In A Name?

Dave’s sticker workstation.

Sheesh, renaming a boat is tough work. Better safe than sorry, I suppose… don’t want to piss off Neptune!

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