Tying our First Knot

August 18, 2016 0 comments

You Can Call Me Mrs.

We got married, ya’ll! Woohoo!

The last few months have been a little hectic with wedding planning, but things have finally slowed down around here.  Dave and I tied the knot on July 30, 2016 surrounded by 54 of our close family and friends.  It was a truly amazing and special day for us – more than we thought it would be.

We heard from many people that the day would be a blur and that we should find the time to “soak it all in”. They weren’t kidding.  The day did go fast, but I think we were successfully mindful of what was happening around us.We're Married Ya'll!

So Many Feels

We were surrounded by so much love, happiness and support that the imperfections of the day weren’t even on our radar. It didn’t matter that it rained, or that it was REALLY humid and we were sweaty and gross, or that pieces of my updo were coming undone.  I have NEVER experienced such an overwhelming feeling of love from so many people. It was just incredible.

We're Married Ya'll!

It’s Totally Worth It

During the whole wedding planning process, there were many moments of frustration.  Trying to throw a party for yourself while pleasing everyone seems like an impossible task. Dave and I often wondered, “Why the hell do people do this?” When the day finally arrived, it all made sense.  It wasn’t just about the commitment or “next step” that Dave and I were taking together, but it was about experiencing and sharing it with the people we love.

We're Married Ya'll!

It definitely feels different to be married, too. We didn’t think much would change since we’ve lived together for almost two years, but the dynamic between us feels stronger.  It’s a pretty excellent feeling 🙂

Post Wedding

ANYWAY, enough of the mushy stuff!

We decided to continue the celebration with a family filled week vacation down at the Jersey shore.  “What kind of honeymoon is that?”, you may be thinking.  Well, Dave and I are going to be spending A LOT of time together in the next few months, so we thought our beach trip would suffice as a “honeymoon” of sorts.

We had family come far and wide to share in the celebration. We wanted to spend time with them while they were here with us.   Also, Dave and I don’t seem to dabble in the “standard” way of doing things anyway, so what’s a little atypical family vacation/honeymoon to us? EXCELLENT- that’s what.

It was great spending time up with everyone while soaking up the sun and surf.  I know we’ll look back on this week and be thankful we decided to share this time with our family.  We have the rest of our lives to go on luxurious, romantic and exotic vacations in far off lands. Right?

The Best Part

Did I mention we rented Dave’s PopPop’s old house? That made this trip even more special. The house had been sold and renovated after Pop Pop passed away, so it was a big deal to be back in his home, filled with memories.

On our last night, we invited the whole family over for a big BBQ on the back deck of PopPop’s house.  It’d be the  finale to our excellent week together.  When we heard happy comments from everyone, we knew we made the right choice in spending our week down at the shore.

Since the wedding and our “honeymoon” we’ve been feeding off the positive energy from everyone.  We’re REALLY getting pumped up for our trip!

Next on the TO DO list: SELL EVERYTHING.

Now let me bombard you with photos from our beautiful day! 🙂

**Photos by: Audrey Amaro, Mama Owl Photography – She’s awesome!

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