“Touch Wood”, Our Sailing Mantra

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"Touch Wood", Our Sailing Mantra

Learning the hard way:

When things are going good, touch wood (TW). Anytime you mention how lovely the weather’s been, TW. When your anchor is well set and you feel the need to mention it, TW. If you haven’t ran aground in a while and you had to bring it up, find anything wooden to touch. Luckily, on a sailboat, there’s always wood within an arms reach away!

"Touch Wood", Our Sailing Mantra

Alli Oop in a remote anchorage in Berry Islands, Bahamas

Living on our sailboat often puts us at the mercy of nature and other forces outside of our control. We cautiously move our home from anchorage to anchorage hoping for calm waters and a sandy bottom to secure our anchor. Depending on upcoming weather reports, we look at the charts and choose a spot where there’s enough depth, swinging room, and preferably protection behind land. In a nutshell, we want to sleep soundly and not worry about washing ashore in the middle of the night. If all the factors of a perfect anchorage are present and you accidentally mention it, TW! If not, expect a storm cloud with winds rushing down on your small sailboat in approximately 15-30 minutes. Seriously!

"Touch Wood", Our Sailing Mantra

Dinghy engines are notoriously problematic. Is yours running perfectly? TW!

We don’t know how it began

“Touch wood” has become our sailing mantra. Our little dingy motor has been running great lately, but we don’t dare to mention it. The sails are perfectly trimmed and the auto helm is holding a steady course (yup, keep that to yourself). The alternator we had rebuilt and the new external regulator we installed is working perfectly! If you’re wondering, I’ve been touching wood while typing this. Are you starting to notice the trend?

This cruising lifestyle has made us somewhat superstitious because when things are running smoothly, we’d prefer to keep it that way. At risk of things taking a turn for the worse, don’t mention how well a critical piece of sailing gear is working. Just go with it and expect things to continue running as they should.

"Touch Wood", Our Sailing Mantra

Darby Cat knows the drill

We’re happy and we know it

Please don’t think things aren’t going great, because they are. We can’t complain, really. Because we’ve invested so much to make it this far, we don’t want our floating home or the world around us to crumble into the sea. We’ll do anything, however superstitious it may seem, to keep our extended adventure going strong. So as mentioned before, touch wood!

Do you have any superstitions aboard your sailboat? Let us know in the comments below!

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