Check out what happens aboard SV Alli Oop as we make our way down south to the Caribbean! You can see these videos on our YouTube channel too!

Episode 1:

On this special first episode, Alli, Dave, and Darby Cat splash the boat after a long winter. They need to immediately set sail to their new Marina over 90nm away.  See their course as they cruise up the Chesapeake bay, through the C&D Canal, then finally down the Delaware Bay. How will it all go? Check it out!

Episode 2:

The gang shares some highlights from this past Summer 2016. Getting rocked in Cape May Canal,  sailing the Delaware Bay, partaking in plenty of water activities and loads of family time were big priorities this season. Oh yeah, and did I mention they GOT MARRIED too?! Check it out!


Episode 3:

Out of their living quarters and still prepping the boat for their trip, the gang winds up in limbo as their departure date creeps closer. See what happens on this episode!

Episode 4:

Projects and repairs fills the gangs schedule, but they are just about ready to untie the lines for good.  Wondering what they need to tackle before shoving off? Check it out!

Episode 5:

The gang finally departs South Jersey and heads for Norfolk, VA via the Atlantic Ocean.


Episode 6:

The gang continues south on the ICW and makes a new friend along the way. Check it out!

Episode 7:

The gang runs into some trouble and look for a safe harbor. Where will they end up? Find out on this episode of Finding Island Time!

Episode 8:

What could be better than disgruntled, stinky crew? Finally, some drama!



Episode 9:

Charleston, SC was a bit unkind to us.  She wouldn’t let us sleep!

Episode 10:

We really enjoyed our time in Florida! Check it out to see why. 🙂

Episode 11:

Our last port in the States before we make the big jump to the Bahamas!

Episode 12:

We finally made it to the Bahamas! Woohoo!

Episode 13:

We explore the Berry Islands and Darby goes for his first swim!

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

Episode 17:

Episode 18: