A Peek Inside the Galley

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“What do you guys eat?”

That seems to be a common question among our family and friends when they ask us about living on a boat.  It’s a misconception that we eat canned, preserved food all day long and that we don’t have access to fresh produce and can’t keep meat or dairy products. We are not malnourished by any stretch of the imagination.  Dave has even commented that he’s never eaten so well (note: this is a man who’s been eating take out for lunch every day for the past 3 years).

We do have canned food, but we rarely use it to be honest. If we do use cans, it’s to supplement for something fresh.  For example, if we make stir fry we might add canned mushrooms in the pan if we don’t have fresh.  Or we’ll use canned chicken or tuna to add to salads or sandwiches if we don’t have any other fresh meat on board.

Basically, we can eat the same things we’d eat if we lived in our apartment back in Havertown.  We have the same equipment, but it’s just bite sized.  Our Force 10 oven is approximately 20x13x16 and has a two burner propane stove on top of it. We have a small refrigerator that is 24x20x24 which includes a teeny tiny freezer 10x6x9. Our two basin stainless steel sink is smaller too. Aside from big appliances like a microwave, mixer, toaster and blender, we’re essentially working with a basic kitchen.


Our Force 10 oven and two burner stove.


Our refrigerator also serves as our chart table and nav station. Multi-purpose all the way!

A Peek Inside the Galley

Inside you can see our itty bitty freezer – that tiny white box in the corner.

Our staples

Here are some quick and easy meals we make pretty frequently.

  • Breakfast tacos – we always have eggs on hand so these are great and fill us up for most of the day.
  • Fresh fruit, cereal, oatmeal, fried or scrambled eggs
  • Home fries, french fries (Dave’s favorite)
  • Chili (vegetarian when we don’t have meat)
  • Stir fry (again, vegetarian if we don’t have meat)
  • Tacos
  • Burgers, hot dogs, sausages on the grill, or pan (usually in the pan because our grill is wonky and the grate sits on a slant)
  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • Pasta  – garlic, butter and parmesan is our favorite. We also use marinara sauce occasionally.
  • Sandwiches, soup, salads.

It’s not very weird, right? This is stuff that everyone eats. These are not the ONLY things we eat. When we catch a fish, we’ll sear it or eat it raw and make sushi. I roasted a chicken for our Puerto Rico crossing in order to make stock and Brunswick stew. If I can make something awesome, I will.  It all just depends on what we have on the boat at any given time.

Of course, we can’t forget our guilty pleasures when neither of us feel like doing anything in the galley except for boiling water.  Don’t judge us, but we ALWAYS have ramen and Kraft mac n’ cheese readily available.  We’re only human 🙂

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