On the Road Again!

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We are movin’ and groovin’ again, folks!

We finally cut the cord and left Grenada. Can you believe it?  It seemed like the day would never come and suddenly, it was time to go.  Our new mission:  head north to Florida for our second cruising season. Tally Ho!

Comin’ round the bend

Before sailing off into the sunset ,we decided to move around to the east coast of St. George’s. This was the perfect place to give the hull a MUCH needed scrubbing and get a few last minute items in town.   The water was much cleaner and clearer than any of the anchorages on the south side of the island, and being so close to the city was extremely convenient.  No more hot and crowded bus rides on windy roads.

Of course, the change of scenery felt great, too. The only drawback was that our holding was questionable and it was a bit too rolly for me to get a good night sleep.  You can’t have it all, can you?

On the Road Again!

We could actually see the sun set, which we weren’t accustomed to, being surrounded by hills in Woburn Bay.

On the Road Again!

Going for a stroll down town.

Coo coo for Carriacou

As we headed up the coast of Grenada, our next stop was at Carriacou (carry-a-coo).  I love this little island so much, I can’t begin to tell you.  It’s peaceful, beautiful and the locals are just as lovely.

Many people stay in Tyrell Bay, which is a big protected anchorage, but I’m not a fan.  It always seems rolly and it’s super duper crowded with other boats.  During this stop to the island, the weather was right for us to stay in Hillsborough, the main town just north.

Just like St. George’s in Grenada, there’s more to do in Hillsborough and the water is much more beautiful.  Another perk is that Sandy Island, a tranquil marine park with awesome snorkeling, is just a short dinghy ride away.

Anchorage in Hillsborough.

On the Road Again!

The streets of Hillsborough.

Meds and Money

While we were in Carriacou, I had my first experience with island medical care.  I’ve developed a cough over the last few months and Dave had been nagging at me to go to the doctor.  I figured I better go while we were still in the land of affordable healthcare, so we took a five minute walk over to Dr. Freddy’s.   We walked in, were immediately shuffled into a small room and I  was looked at .  After 15 minutes, we walked out the door with prescription in hand.  After everything was said and done, we paid a total of $50 USD which included my medicine.  If I knew it would’ve been so quick and cheap, I would’ve went a long time ago in Grenada!

On a side note, I feel better, but seem to have developed an allergy to something (which wasn’t determined because I didn’t want to go back to Grenada to get pricked with needles). The doctor also said my iron was a low and recommended I eat red meat at least two times a week. I don’t see that happening considering our diet is mainly vegetarian with white meat.  So now, taking an antihistamine and iron supplement is a daily ritual for me.

On the Road Again!

My drugs and vitamins. Awesome.

Full steam ahead

It’s refreshing to be on the move again!  Although it took some getting used to after being still for so long, we’ve adjusted to our new routine.  Picking up the hook and sailing on a regular basis reminds us of why we enjoy cruising so much.  The anticipation of revisiting places we loved and the thrill of exploring new destinations rekindles a fire inside of us.  The wanderlust in our blood stirs again and creates an infectious need for adventure that makes us feel alive.  Being on the road (er..water) again, has never felt so good!

On the Road Again!

Afternoon shower in St. George’s.

On the Road Again!

Produce market down town.

On the Road Again!

Fishing boats at the Carenage.

On the Road Again!

Sweet potatoes, dasheen and bananas.

On the Road Again!


On the Road Again!

Buying a token spice necklace before we leave.

On the Road Again!

Coffee at Kayak Cafe in Hillsborough.

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