It Really is Better in the Bahamas!

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We are in the Bahamas! Well, it’s no big news if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook – you knew that already. Of course, our blog is always notoriously behind. It’s tough to find good internets round these parts, you know? It’s also been tough to find motivation to sit down and write when I’m exhausted after making long passages, which has been the norm the last three months.  Sigh.

It Really is Better in the Bahamas!

This turquoise water was a sight for sore eyes!

Coming full circle

Anyway, we’re here and we are SO HAPPY! We had forgotten how incredible this place is. Or did we finally REALIZE how incredible it is? It may be a little bit of both because the last time we were in the Bahamas, we didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as we do now.

When we first started our trip, we never imagined that we’d sail to Grenada. Once we started putting miles under the keel we were hungry for more. We wanted to see what the rest of the Caribbean looked like and not just listen to everyone else’s opinions of it. We  blasted through the Bahamas last year because we didn’t want to ‘waste time’ in one country when there was so much more to see. Ugh, what were we thinking?

We’ve sailed to 15 different countries (holy crap) and you know what? For us, THIS is paradise. We had to travel thousands of miles to realize that our favorite cruising grounds are in our own backyard (well, 50 miles off the coast of Florida). Kind of crazy, isn’t it?

It Really is Better in the Bahamas!

All of our courtesy flags from some of the islands we’ve been to. We didn’t get flags everywhere we went… oops. 🙂

Why we love it

In all honesty it’s the water. There is just something so special about this never-ending swimming pool teeming with life that lies just beneath our floating home.

The rest of the Caribbean is great for different reasons, mainly the land. It’s lush, green mountains are tropical and filled with steamy jungles. The French islands are even cooler because you get to experience that awesome European culture while being surrounded by greenery and warm beaches. (Martinique is probably my favorite, btw.)

However, if you’re like us and prefer water activities, the Caribbean seas can’t compare to the Bahamas. Yes, there are a few spots where the water is similar to the Bahamas- mainly the banks of Turks and Caicos, Tobago Cays/Grendadines and spots in Puerto Rico (which we absolutely love)– but you have to compete with a gazillion other boaters and noisy, crowded anchorages. Not cool.

In the Bahamas, there are an infinite number of pristine anchorages, white sand beaches, cuts, coves and cays to explore. Not only is there so much to see here, but you can enjoy it all privately. No other boats, no other people. Just you and mother nature. Guys, you can have a beach all to yourself!

It Really is Better in the Bahamas!

A beautiful beach all to ourselves? Just the norm.

More than water

I suppose the Bahamas feel so special to us because this was the first foreign country we sailed to in our beloved Alli Oop. This is the first place where we met a community of cruisers, which we never realized existed. This is where we made friends, learned how to catch lobster and gained confidence in ourselves as travelers and sailors.  Most importantly these islands are where we discovered just how magical it can be to dive beneath the surface of something beautiful and unfamiliar to find a whole new exciting world.

If you haven’t been,  you need to go. It really is better in the Bahamas!

It Really is Better in the Bahamas!

Alli trying to get a lobster with our Hawaiian sling.

It Really is Better in the Bahamas!

Darby likes the Bahamas, too. Lots of protected anchorages means smooth water, a still boat and more opportunities to hang outside!


It Really is Better in the Bahamas!

Electric blue water. Wowzah! I love iiiiiiiit.

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