Camp Grenada: Our New Home

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For the past two months, Dave, Darby Cat and I have been settling in to our new home of St. George’s, Grenada. It’s vastly different than any place we’ve been and has grown on us immensely. Grenada’s dynamic landscape offers us a variety of ways to experience the island and it’s people are warm and friendly. We have found a great network of cruisers from all over the world and are so happy to call this place our temporary home. I still have to pinch myself some times.  I seriously can’t believe we made it all the way to Grenada in a sail boat. Yikes!

Hurricane season

As I’m sure you’re aware, this has been a very active hurricane season. The primary reason we decided to venture this far south (other than wanderlust) was to escape the path of hurricanes which typically travel across the Atlantic and over the Northern Caribbean.

The last few weeks have been a blur as we watched monster storms wipe out areas of Texas, Florida and parts of the Caribbean. To say that we feel fortunate to be out of harms way is an understatement.  Although it’s very rare, it’s not unheard of for a storm to travel as far south as Grenada. If a hurricane did develop near us, our plan would be to sail farther south to Trinidad where we would hopefully be out of harms way.  **Fingers crossed that won’t ever be the case.**

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Safely out of Irma’s path down in Grenada.

Combatting the ‘stationary blues’

Although the island is beautiful and the locals are great, sitting at anchor was a hard transition for us. It really took us some time to figure out how to be happy with our new living situation, i.e. staying still. Moving from island to island gave us a sense of purpose before, but being at the same anchorage for so long made us feel pretty antsy. We started to get a little stir crazy after the first couple of weeks, but then quickly figured the best way to help ourselves was to keep busy.

Camp Grenada activities

Since we’ve been here, we’ve flung ourselves into the social scene. There is an endless supply of things to do here and I don’t think we could ever be bored. Because of this, we’ve been referring to our new home as ‘Camp Grenada’. We feel like kids at a summer camp with a laundry list of activities to participate in. Volleyball, jam sessions(playing music), games of pool, beach barbecues, yoga, tai chi and Mexican train dominos are just some of our options. In addition, the local marinas are great places to hang out and meet with friends.  Speaking of friends, I swear, we have them, we just never seem to take pictures with them. Whoops.

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Alli Oop anchored in Woburn Bay with her sun shades on 🙂

We’ve also been moving the boat to different anchorages. There are many to choose from, especially on the southern end of the island where we are. Depending on the ocean swell, breeze and task we need to accomplish, we move the boat to a new location and get a change of scenery which is always refreshing.

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Our hash took us through some remote villages in the mountains of Grenada. I love seeing how the locals thrive in this beautiful landscape!


Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Volleyball night at Secret Harbour.

Settling in

Contrary to what you may be thinking, we don’t just swim and drink and play on the beach all day long.  It may be hard to believe but cocktails in the cockpit and beach parties tend to get a little old after a while.  Instead, we’ve been managing to balance our work to play ratio by trying to be productive.

I’ve been helping some local cruising kids with their home schooling while Dave has been working on a graphic design venture. He’s pretty excited about it and hopefully we’ll be able to unveil it soon. In addition, there are many volunteering opportunities in the local community and we’re looking forward to participating soon.

We have settled in nicely and are looking forward to the rest of our stay in lovely Grenada until we depart in a few months.

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Darby is settling in just fine, as well. 🙂  Scoping out the anchorage at Secret Harbour.

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

We survived our first hash in Grenada! Freshly doused in Caribbean beer with our ‘loss of virginity’ certificates.  Dave was obviously feeling pretty good 🙂

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Rum tasting is always a fun activity!

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Spending a night on SV Osprey with our pals Mary, Nigel, Niall (who took the shot on a 45 mm) and Nick and Lori Anne of SV Reckless Faith

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Hiking to Seven Sister Falls. Grant Etang, Grenada.

Camp Grenada: Our New Home

Cookout at Roger’s Beach on Hog Island.

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