Bust Out Another Thousand aka BOAT

January 5, 2016 0 comments

All She Needs Is Love

When we bought our beloved Alli Oop, we knew that she would need some TLC.  Her previous owners had kept her in really great shape, but some items were out of date, specifically the electronics.  We plan on spending  a lot of time on her in the near future so checking her systems and looking for ways to improve our safety and experience is a big priority for us.   Dave and I started to make a list of items that needed some attention and decided that during the off-season we would invest the extra money to make Alli Oop the best she can be for us.

On the top of our list was a new GPS.  The system that came with the boat was usable, but it was small, had outdated charts and was a bit slower than we would’ve liked.  It also couldn’t link up with other electronics on the boat like the VHF or AIS (Automatic Identification System- shows the locations of other vessels in the surrounding water).   One of the best features of our new GPS, a Garmin 741XS is that it can interface with multiple electronics on the boat.

We’ll be able to get weather forecasting using a dedicated weather antenna and utilize DSC/AIS by linking to our new VHF radio. We’ll also see depth and bottom sonar on the screen as an added bonus. Sounds pretty technical, huh? Oh, and let’s not forget the 7″ touch screen – Hello 2016!

What We Need

Along with the GPS, we also purchased some new, self-inflating life vests (WAY better than those bulky orange ones) and a bosun’s chair! I’m kind of looking forward to being hoisted up the mast 🙂

We still need  to buy:

  • A new VHF and remote mic for cockpit
  • New transducer (depth finder)
  • Weather antennae to work with the GPS (the old one got fried in an electrical storm)

Fixer Uppers (hopefully)

  •  Solar panel (or just figure out how it works)
  • Cabin heater (propane)



*9.1016- We did not get a new transducer – I’m still trying to figure out why.  Dave tells me it’s because the “electronics guy” that came to look at our boat advised against it and said the one we have is actually very accurate.  That’s kind of funny considering it was giving us crazy readings in the past.  We’ll see about this in the future.

Also, we ended up returning our Garmin GPS and opted for a new iPad instead.  We figured it would be nice to have a multifunctional instrument instead of a big, clunky gps.  It seems like a lot of other cruisers use iPads as well, so they can’t be wrong, right?

The wind antennae would’ve been for the Garmin, so we never got that.  Instead, we just purchased a Raymarine wireless wind instrument.  We haven’t put it on the mast yet, but that’ll be Dave’s job. 🙂

The solar panel does work and Dave actually fixed the cabin heater! Turns out the gas line wasn’t completely opened, but it looked like it was.  So, basically Dave just opened the valve the whole way and now we have a functioning heater.  Woohoo!




Here’s just some more STUFF we ended up buying for the boat.  Pictured on the left, some domestic items like the washing wand have recently been purchased. I’m starting to get concerned about how we’ll actually ‘live’ on the boat, so that’s what the box of random stuff is about.

To the right are ‘boat things’.  That’s all Dave’s department.  All I really know is that we need to install our new wind instrument, our toilet needs repaired and Dave just bought a new winch handle and flash light (which he’s been playing with constantly).



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