Breakfast Tacos: Our Go To

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A few of our favorite things

If you were to ask me what some of our food staples aboard Alli Oop are, I’d start with eggs and tortillas. Among other things like fresh veggies and fruit, we use these food items very frequently. Eggs lend themselves to pretty much everything – boiled to be eaten in salads, on a piece of toast or as is for a boost of protein; fried for topping some ramen or slapping on a BLT or burger;  scrambled for a hearty breakfast and of course, if you want to bake brownies, cookies and other sweets, you’ll need them for that too. Needless to say, we eat a good amount of eggs!

Also, I have a slight obsession with tortillas. They are ALWAYS on our boat. I may love them more than bread (and I really love bread).  They’re easy to store because they are flat and can’t really be squashed. They also stay fresh FOREVER. I’ve yet to have a tortilla go bad.

This is what you’ll need to make one of our typical breakfast tacos:

  • Tortillas – size and type is your preference.  I’m a small, flour tortilla gal, but if you want to make a humungous burrito go for a large one.  Similarly, if you like corn tortillas, knock your socks off.
  • Eggs – because that’s what we’re filling them with!
  • Cheese- again, your preference. I typically use whatever we have on hand- usually cheddar or a Mexican shredded blend.
  • Meat – this is optional, again preference.  Sometimes I throw some deli ham, bacon or sausage in. I’ve even gotten really wild and put leftover taco meat in (which is amazing, btw).
  • Toppings- you know what I’m going to say here.  I usually opt for Sriracha, but use salsa on occasion.

This is how you make the magic happen:

  1. Scramble those eggs up until they’re light and fluffy.  I typically throw in a small splash of white vinegar to aid in the fluffy department.
  2. Once the eggs are cooked, I slap on some cheese, turn the heat down, add a tiny bit of water to the pan and cover it with a lid.  This will create steam, which will quickly melt the cheese. It makes all the difference when you have melty, gooey cheese on anything.
  3. Fill a tortilla with some cheesy eggs, add your meat (if you want it) then add toppings.
  4. Roll it all up, stuff it in your mouth and ENJOY. Oh, so good!
Breakfast Tacos: Our Go To

So. Good.

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