About Us


Alli -First mate extraordinare

About Us

Enjoying the bright colors in the Dominican Republic.

Originally  from Johnstown, Pa (known for it’s epic floods and cold, yucky weather) Alli is thrilled to be living in a much warmer climate. As a former art teacher, she digs on all things creative and different. She was the BEST first mate a captain could ask for and is both a domestic and sailing goddess.  She’s also an awesome fur mama to the one and only, Darby Cat.

Interests: Traveling, learning, trying new things,loving on animals, cooking, baking, and let’s not forget eating!

Goals:  Learn to adapt back to land life; somehow find balance between work and adventure, all while feeding the ever ravenous travel bug; have a giant back yard with lots of animals and a garden.

Favorite island: Hands down, Puerto Rico!!!  Martinique and Bequia come in second and third.

Dave – The Cap’t

About Us

Sailing wing and wing is always a favorite.

After completing a grand sailing adventure, Dave is ready to get comfortable in Jacksonville and settle in for the long run. With a background in graphic design, he loves both traditional and contemporary mediums of art and is looking forward to finding a job in the industry. He hails from the suburbs of Philly, but is excited to explore his new home of Florida.

Interests: Sailing, surfing, graphic design, traveling, spending time with friends and sampling local brews (IPA’s are a fav).

Goals: Land an awesome job, continue to make new friends in Florida, get back to land life and enjoy the water and surf in between!

Favorite island(s): The Bahamas

Darby- Four legged crew

About Us

Always on watch.

This fuzzy boy is a traveler! He’s gone flying in planes, has ridden in cars and sailed 5,400 nautical miles on the open ocean! He has a stomach of steel and has gotten sick fewer times that either of us. While under way, Darby normally finds a little ‘hidey hole’ and hunkers down. Once the anchor drops he is out and about waiting for treats and affection.  He’s happy to be stationary at a marina now and he spends most days catching up on the sleep he lost during the course of our adventure.

Interests: Playing with string, watching birds and people from the boat, sniffing around for neighboring cats, tuna, playing on the dodger and going for the occasional walk on the docks.

Goals: To stay off of other people’s boats and let mom get some sleep at night (he likes to walk all over me and knead incessantly)

Favorite island: Grenada – because we didn’t move for four months!